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We are all seeking transformation to help create what we want and maximize who we truly are in the most powerful, impactful ways possible. We want to have our desires manifest to better serve the world and those around us, learning ways to let go of our constricting views of the past in order to allow for what is available to come to us. But HOW do we raise our vibration and attract what we need into our lives?

Hoku is the world’s best Vibrational Coach who has been helping high profile people internationally from the island of Maui, most famous for its Mother Maui feminine energy. She is a leading Vibrational Coach who will help you create your life as you please so you can live in your most empowered conscious state of being.

In this session, Hoku will discuss the challenges you have in life and give guided information to set your path straight. She will also be doing energy work which will allow you to clear anything that is blocking you from enjoying your life fully, flushing through the highest vibrational energy available. Your feminine/masculine energy will be fine-tuned under Hoku’s expert guidance so that you can maximize your opportunities as they are meant to be by removing unnecessary blocks that have been getting in your way. In short, this session will kickstart your transformation by raising your vibration to its highest level so that you can align with all you can be and have!

There are no limits to what you can ask: as long as you are open and willing, the clarity you need to connect and align with your truest self will come naturally. At the end of the day, we are all vibrational beings: why not awaken and expand to let your life flow with ease, excitement, and confidence?

Get ready to live in your most empowered conscious state of being – there is no going back to the old you once you’ve opened the door to the best version of YOU! Get ready for the miracles starting now!

Note: You will receive a full audio recording of your session to your email, which we recommend you listen to post-session. This will allow for you to restore your sense of clarity, vision, feeling of peace, love, joy, excitement, positivity, and balance, while letting go of any residues of unnecessary emotional and energetic blocks. We highly advise that you utilize this audio as often as you need to optimize this opportunity!

Session Outline (2 HR):
1. 5 min: Intro
2. 90 min: Full Discussion with Guidance
3. 20 min: Energy Clearing Work
4. 5 min: Conclusion

Note: Although it is a 2 HR session, there is a chance your first session may be split into 2 (an initial 90-min session with an additional follow-up 30-min session at a later date) depending on the guides and your availability. Hoku will consult you during your session if splitting the session may be better for you.

Fee: 50,000 JPY + tax (First-timer fee)
40,000 JPY + tax (subsequent sessions *highly recommended by AYA JEAN)

Skype/Zoom calls only: please make sure that you are in a quiet space where you can lie down/sit for Energy work. All appointments will be scheduled via Aya Jean: 100% cancellation fee applies from 7 working days prior to your appointment.

What do clients say about this program?

Abigail Taugwalder | Founder of Abi Loves & Abi’s Journal



Tomomi Flewelling | Glam Lash & Brows LLC & PMU Japan Founder & CEO
Experience with Hoku On Maui I met through AYA JEAN Aya McCrindle

Since I was a kid, I’ve had many strange experiences and I’ve met many healers and psychics. Among them were some amazing people as well as fortune tellers at festivals. So honestly, I didn’t have high expectation about this session.

I was thinking of just going to Maui with a friend from Japan and had booked Hoku’s session light-heartedly initially. It was pouring on the day we drove out for our sessions. When we arrived, there was a sign that said “Sacred Garden.” I walked in and told a woman at the reception that we had bookings with Hoku. She was not yet there so I had a chat with her and asked if she’s ever had a session with Hoku. She got excited and said, “Yes!! She’s amazing!!,” but I was still not really convinced.

The session started but Hoku didn’t ask what I wanted to resolve. She just began talking to me, as though she knew exactly why I was there and what I needed to clear. She began the session by telling me that I will have no worries by the end of our session.

I closed my eyes and started seeing images since my birth, as though they were scenes from movies. They were so real and tears continued to pour throughout the session.

I’ve has so many so-called healers in the past and have received various advices from all sorts of angles, but my troubles never left me. In this session, however, I felt all my pain disappear with my tears. It was the most mysterious experience which I cannot describe in words, but it was so cleansing. Hoku was the most amazing person I’d ever met!

I’d told my friend who was going next that the session was great and that I couldn’t stop crying throughout. She thought she would too, but later told me that she had a completely different experience than mine. She also said she’d never experienced anything like it before!

I said to Hoku, “Where have you been all my life? I didn’t know anyone as amazing as you existed!” She just responded with her amazing laugh.

I now understand with my heart that though there is no one who has no problem in life, it is completely up to him/her to consider it as a “problem” or see it simply as an “event” in one’s life.

Thanks to Hoku, I stopped worrying needlessly and I feel so alive, in this moment, able to enjoy life. I want everyone to experience her session so that people around the world can feel happy where they are now.

Thank you Hoku and Aya San ❤️

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