First impressions matter, especially when it comes to dining. Dining properly is all about showing respect to the host or hostess, your date, and the moment you’re in. Refining your dining etiquette will ALWAYS help you get what & who you want – both in business and in your personal life.

Tamy will teach you everything you need to dine as a true Femme Fatale/Homme Fatal, from beginning to end with special secret bonus tips that you will carry with you forever.

Fee:  300,000 JPY (3hrs Cozy Dinner at Apero Winebar,TWO ROOMS GRILL | BAR and CICADA) + Tax
300,000 JPY (3hrs Romantic/Formal Dinner at Crista or Two Rooms) + Tax

Note: Any additional expenses for food or beverages outside of the course will be incurred by the client.

Lunch lessons will take place from 12:00 – 13:30 & dinner lessons from 19:30 – 22:30.

*This lesson includes AYA JEAN Signature Full-Course menu with wine pairing for two, with gluten-free and sugar-free options upon request.



Program Outline (3-hour Dinner Version)

  • The “Foreplay” (45 min)
    • Greeting
      • Introduce yourself in a relaxed and confident manner. Wait for cue from your date on how to greet him back.
    • Seating
      • Sit upright with your elbows tucked in, don’t lean back on the chair.
    • Napkin Usage
      • Open half of your napkin and place it on your lap once seated, with the fold facing your body. DO NOT shake it open or tuck it into your collar.
      • Use your napkin to blot your lips to remove any food/drink or excess lipstick throughout the dinner. Avoid marks all over your glass, by “stamping” it (choosing the same spot to drink from the entire time). Do not wipe off your lipstick mark with your fingers or your napkin.
    • Ordering
      • Let your date know your preference for wine, if any, and allow him to order for you.

10 Things to Avoid

  1. Your mobile phone. Put it on manner mode and don’t check it unless it’s an emergency. If so, ask to be excused after explaining that you have an emergency situation.
  2. All personal items should be off the table.
  3. Elbows on the table.
  4. Crossing your legs.
  5. Touching your hair while eating.
  6. Fixing your make-up while eating.
  7. Getting up mid-course. Use the restroom before seating. If you have to go to the restroom just say “Excuse me”, leave your napkin on your left side, stand up and go. Don’t explain the reason.
  8. Ordering sweet drinks that would spoil your palate.
  9. Inappropriate conversations (e.g. heavy topics, controversial topics, and insensitive questions). Note: If you are dining with your husband, do NOT take this opportunity to discuss household matters or family issues.
  10. Chewing with your mouth open and/or talking while eating.
  • The “Intercourse” (90 min)
    • Wine Tasting
      • Compliment and thank your date/sommelier for his selection.
    • Utensils Usage
      • Use from outside in. Mind the manners on how to use all utensils properly, with ease. Do not make noise with utensils.
    • Eating
      • Eat slowly and appropriately. Do not take big bites.
      • Do not reach for food or condiments.
      • Show appreciation for each dish.
    • Drinking
      • Sip elegantly and maintain eye contact with your date.
    • Special Bonus Tips:
      * How to eat olives.
      * How to discreetly get rid of your “problem” (e.g. a tough piece of meat, bones in your fish, etc.).
      * How to communicate non-verbally with the wait staff.
      * And more
  • The “Afterplay” (45 min)
    • 1-minute AJ Signature Audition – How to eat or drink alluringly
    • Tamy’s Assessment – Your Top 3 & Worst 3
    • The Unforgettable Goodbye

**Note: This is a Femme Fatale Program outline. The Homme Fatal Program outline can be available upon request.

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3hrs Cozy Dinner at Apero Winebar, 3hrs Romantic/Formal Dinner at Two Rooms, 1.5hrs Romantic/Formal Dinner at Two Rooms


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