There are endless benefits to having a positive attitude – both physical and mental that also affects those around you and as a result, how they interact with you. Having a positive attitude is a state of mind worth cultivating at any age, as it affects your mood, motivation level, self-esteem as well as confidence. Having the right attitude can only work FOR you, while the reverse is true. Once you learn the HOWs, your resistance will subside and your life will flow, with ease and peace. You will be inspired and motivated to continue forever!


Jesse is a half English, half Japanese university student who is passionate about life. Born in Tokyo and having been raised in a single parent home most of his life, he graduated from the British School in Tokyo and is now in his final semester at the University of Amsterdam.
Jesse majors in neuroscience and minors in psychology, and is fascinated by the extraordinary capabilities of the human mind. His thesis promotes preventative treatment methods for increasing psychological resilience to stress, with a strong focus on mindset and various tools that can be used to overcome it.

Jesse experienced burnout in high school when recovery from a knee surgery kept him out of sports for a year. He believes that lessons from his personal experience, in addition to stress reappraisal and holistic health management studies, should be mandatory in all schools, starting at a young age.

He is keen to share the various techniques that helped/helps him to employ a positive attitude especially in this time when negativity, stress and motivation are being tested. So get ready to let your attitude reflect who you are and start enjoying your life!

Basic consultation sample:

5 min: Get to know each other!
10 min: How do you feel? How do you want to feel? Set up a daily routine!
10 min: What are your goals? What do you want to change? Using mindset & neuroscience to motivate yourself
10 min: Plan a schedule – goals to work on throughout the week
5 min: Wrap up! Concluding advice & key points summary

What you will learn…
– How to become more motivated using exercises and tricks for your brain
– How to develop good habits
– How to avoid bad habits
– How to form a healthy relationship with stress
– How to develop resilience

Please list 3 dates/times that work for you (JST) and send an email to [email protected] titled AJ Teen Positive Attitude Program prior to purchasing the program. Make sure to write your name (& guardian’s name) with contact details so we can get back to you ASAP!

Fee: 5,000 JPY + tax/ 40-min



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