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Creating your wardrobe, going shopping, and varying your style for various TPO (Time Place Occasion) can feel overwhelming and stressful. When you have no/little idea on what to do, you end up resorting to something “safe,” just to avoid standing out in the wrong way.

But who wants to play safe and blend in with the rest of the world, without being memorable? What if I told you that there are simple tips that will ensure that you look stylish no matter your budget, age, race, body type, lack of time, for the occasion?

Let’s start afresh: better late than never! Forget what anyone has ever told you about not looking good in a certain color, or that you are not attractive, including you! Forget about it all. 

It’s time to reinvent yourself from scratch to align with who you truly are in all ways!


When you don’t know that you don’t know, there is little hope for any change to occur. But once you realize that there may be something missing, some area for improvement, the rest comes easier. It’s all about unlearning the BS and learning the right tools and skills followed by daily practice.

When you begin considering the importance of aligning what all you are on the inside with the outside by your non-verbal communication effectively, the world will come to judge you exactly as you intended. You will no longer have to pitch yourself or your product. You no longer need a Ferrari, a Harvard degree, or your Hèrmes bag to feel special. Life becomes effortless and much more fun. It’s the Law. How powerful do you think that would be?

My unique formula is based on over four decades of modeling, two decades of running one of the top model agencies in Tokyo, in addition to my own personal trials & errors. The dots have connected: now, I have an unbeatable method that works on everyone.

"My focus is on making my clients universally attractive, especially to themselves. I don’t follow trends so it is timeless. Above all, it’s lasting. " - Aya Jean


The Homme Fatale & Femme Fatal Journey is a transformational process, similar to the famous fairytale “Ugly Duckling.” The duck discovers he is a beautiful swan when he lets go of his need to fit in, pursuing his passion and being true to himself.

First stage is “ignorance,” when we don’t know what we don’t know. Then comes “awareness,” where we know that we are not fully confident, but wanting to improve. After that comes “surrender,” where we decide to get out of our comfort zones and seek guidance despite the risks, if only to avoid further loss of time, money and energy.

Then comes “discovery,” where we realize that it’s not just about equipping ourselves with new tools and skills that serve us, but also about unlearning all the BS we have conditioned ourselves to believe to please others. The final stage is when miracles unfold and magic happens. Suddenly, we feel lucky and happy all the time. It feels too good to be true, but seeing is believing. Believing is seeing. It’s that simple. Because we now look the part, it all makes sense. It’s the best ROI.

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AYA JEAN is a former model/former model agency owner/TEDx Speaker/Author/Self-Image Consultant/Style Coach who will be co-starring in a Hollywood documentary “The Chinese American Immigrant” (2023) as herself. She was born to a supermodel and modeled since birth as Aya Yoshikawa. She graced the covers of multiple fashion magazines, starring in over 150 TV commercials as well as runway shows including Vivienne Westwood. She has worked with multiple major brands as their exclusive campaign model: among them are Shiseido, De Beers, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, Coca-Cola, and MIKIMOTO.

She is currently based in Tokyo, but has traveled to over 50 countries and loves to travel: she spent almost half the year abroad until the pandemic and is excited to do more soon. Her passion is to empower the world through her transformation programs, especially women in Japan. She also enjoys intrinsic learning, and getting out of her own comfort zone in order to grow into her best version.


VISHEN LAKHIANI | Mindvalley Founder, New York Times Best Selling Author

“After completing the program, I feel equipped with how to be stylish in my manners, attitude and appearance. I’ve learned that looking my best affects how I feel and how others feel about me. It’s important to always push ourselves to max our potential and there is nothing superficial about taking care of our most outer layer of who we are.”

MELODY YOKO | Mindvalley Founder, New York Times Best Selling Author

“I really love how detailed she is and how much time and energy she really spends to make a program that’s unique and special just for you. I really enjoyed the dining etiquette with Tamy, the dance lesson with Chris and of course, the posing lesson with Aya herself. She has so many tools and tricks and so much knowledge over so many years that she really gives you exactly what you need in order to be confident and embody the person you truly are.”

HENK ROGERS| Founder of The Tetris Company and International  Founder & Chairman of Blue Planet

At first I was skeptical. What can a “style coach” do for “the most interesting man in the world”? The pictures are only a part of the story. Yes, I learned how to pose for pictures, got my hair done, bought a bunch of new clothes. But deeper than that, I learned how to carry myself, started yoga, eating healthy, drinking healthy and learned how to become more attractive to women. What more could you ask for in less than a week of intensive training? Priceless.

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Let’s start afresh: better late than never! Forget what anyone has ever told you about not looking good in a certain color, or that you are not attractive, including you! Forget about it all.  It’s time to reinvent yourself from scratch to  align with who you truly are in all ways!


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