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AYA JEAN has over four decades of experience as a fashion model during which she ran a model agency for seventeen years. Among her major clients were Shiseido, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Nissan, Coca-Cola, Dentsu, Hakuhodo, NTT, Shueisha and DTC (De Beers Group). During her time as a model agency owner, she utilized her unique talent to unleash hundreds of models’ full potential for major brands’ campaigns & sponsors.
AYA JEAN is also the founder of the Find Your Element Workshop, in which she invited top experts from various fields to share their personal journeys & life skills to the English community in Tokyo. She took all of her talents & experience when she founded AYA JEAN Style Coach. Clients consist of global changemakers – VIPs, celebrities, & public speakers – committed to upgrading their total images, especially their first impressions, in order to elevate their brands & statuses.

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