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Pep Talk

Here is an opportunity to ask AYA JEAN anything! Remember that your awareness to make changes is already that first and most important step forward when feeling stuck! Now comes action that will be rewarded with results!

Consultation content can include any questions you may have on general style tips, career, or personal challenges you are facing. We request that you send your questions via email to [email protected] titled “AYA JEAN SECRET PEP TALK” prior to your consultation. Get ready for a brand new you!

Virtual Impact Program


Program description here

Teen Positive Attitude Program


Having a positive attitude is a state of mind worth cultivating at any age, as it affects your mood, motivation level, self-esteem as well as confidence. Having the right attitude can only work FOR you, while the reverse is true. Once you learn the HOWs, your resistance will subside and your life will flow, with ease and peace. You will be inspired and motivated to continue forever! Jesse is keen to share the various techniques that helped/helps him to employ a positive attitude especially in this time when negativity, stress and motivation are being tested. So get ready to let your attitude reflect who you are and start enjoying your life!

Vibration Raising Program


We are all seeking transformation to help create what we want and maximize who we truly are in the most powerful, impactful ways possible. But HOW do we raise our vibration and attract what we need into our lives?

Hoku will discuss the challenges you have in life and give guided information to set your path straight. She will also be doing energy work which will allow you to clear anything that is blocking you from enjoying your life fully, flushing through the highest vibrational energy available. This session will kickstart your transformation by raising your vibration to its highest level so that you can align with all you can be and have!

There are no limits to what you can ask: as long as you are open and willing, the clarity you need to connect and align with your truest self will come naturally. At the end of the day, we are all vibrational beings: why not awaken and expand to let your life flow with ease, excitement, and confidence?

Nutritional Counseling


Get ready to become a healthier, slimmer & sexier you by correcting your diet once and for all! Let food become your best friend in this 1-hour consultation with Dr. August Hergesheimer! This is your opportunity to spend a full hour with our favorite nutritionist & anti-aging expert, to ask him any questions you have regarding your general health and well being.

Weight Loss Program


This 1-hr routine at the gym includes our Signature 10-min-a-week workout based on the concept of Super Slow Weight Training. It is not only the quickest way for you to dramatically increase strength and build your immunity, but has incredible anti-aging effects. You will be burning energy throughout the entire week – even while sleeping!

Our workouts will help you achieve your fitness goals much more efficiently and easily than you could have ever imagined possible in minimal time. Get ready to look younger and grow stronger!

Sexy Dining Etiquette Program


First impressions matter, especially when it comes to dining. Dining properly is all about showing respect to the host or hostess, your date, and the moment you’re in. Refining your dining etiquette will ALWAYS help you get what & who you want – both in business and in your personal life. Tamy Ozeki will teach you everything you need to dine as a true Femme Fatale/Homme Fatal, from beginning to end with special secret bonus tips that you will carry with you forever.

Secret Dance Program


There are endless benefits to dancing – both physical and mental. Dancing allows you to reduce your stress level, manage your weight, builds stronger bones & muscles, and be mindful of the moment you’re in. It also helps build your social skills and increase your self-esteem. It is about rhythm, groove and most importantly, feeling it in your heart.

Whether you’re at a friend’s wedding or having fun in a club, refining your dance moves will ALWAYS help you achieve what you want. Just by paying attention to a few details, you will learn to move naturally, with ease. Chris Pandora will help you learn how to hide your imbalances, project a better overall image, and attract attention in all the right ways after this Signature Program. So get ready to let your moves reflect who you are and turn some heads around whenever you hit the dance floor! 

Your transformational journey starts now.

Challenge yourself!