Style & Confidence Coach
TEDx Speaker & Author

When you learn to master the art of attraction, your entire life – both personal and business – will elevate to the next level. I help all my clients increase their overall impact on the world by helping them improve not just their overall appearance, but also spice up their love lives, double their incomes, increase their followings, and boost their confidence in & out of their bedrooms!

My clients tell me that I turn them into Femmes Fatales & Hommes Fatals – women and men who’ve become so captivating that they are absolutely irresistible, not just to the opposite sex but to the press, the media, their clients, and the entire world. What you will get is so much more than style and/or confidence coaching – while your fashion, mannerisms, attitude, and confidence level will transform, my biggest focus is on how you ultimately see and feel about yourself when you look in the mirror. Prepare to fall madly in love with yourself in a way you never imagined possible. Get ready to be truly impactful as you become the best version of yourself!

My mission is to equip every client with empowering tools that will allow them to live from and experience her/his fullest potential. My clients fully enjoy abundant personal and business lives in ways they never imagined possible for the rest of their lives. No going back.

After running one of Japan’s premium model agencies for nearly 2 decades, being a model for over 4 decades, and running the Find Your Element Workshop & Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation for 3 years, I now use all of my experiences and expertise to help craft a unique program for each of my clients to unleash their Femme Fatale & Homme Fatal within, which in turn makes the world want them more because they have become magnets that attract everything and everyone they’ve ever wanted. What more do you need?

“We all want to look & feel good. And when we do, the world notices because we are in our Element. You will learn to welcome that first 5 seconds.”